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Travel Noire: How To Spend 24 Hours in San Francisco | Smitten Ice Cream
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Travel Noire: How To Spend 24 Hours in San Francisco

How To Spend 24 Hours in San Francisco

Jul 11, 2022

Brittni Williams

San Francisco is a city in Northern California known for its famous landmarks and lively culture. It has a booming tourism industry that lends to its many shopping and dining options and recreational activities. Tourists from all over the world travel to the city, with many choosing to stay permanently. As a result, San Francisco is the 17th most populous city in the country.

Things To See and Do in San Francisco

When in San Francisco, it’s nearly impossible not to find something to do. The iconic Golden Gate Bridge is a must-see during your visit. Once the tallest and longest suspension bridge worldwide, it’s an important symbol of power in the United States.

Grant Avenue is another famous destination as the oldest street in the city’s Chinatown district. The 1.6-mile street is filled with shops, eateries, art galleries, and even a hotel.


San Francisco is also a popular spot for its many food optionsHog Island Oyster Co. is a great seafood restaurant in the city’s iconic Ferry Building. There you can dine on their world-famous oysters and clam chowder.

For a sweet treat, try an ice cream cone from Smitten Ice Cream. The dessert shop uses liquid nitrogen to create creamy ice cream creations from scratch in less than two minutes!

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