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Santana Row | Smitten Ice Cream
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Santana Row

Anyone’s who’s ever strolled along Santana Row on a weekend evening knows that the Row is THE place to be – San Jose natives bring their A-game when the sun sets.

So we’ve known for a long, long time that we needed to bring our churned-to-order scoops to this buzzing hub. Our patience was finally rewarded when we worked with the team to build a modern walk-up ice cream bar in Park Valencia, a renovated plaza in the center of the Row . We’re right in the middle of the action, whether it’s a live performance on the stage or bar hopping from Sino to Roots & Rye – you can’t miss us. And if you’re trying to cool off from the hot South Bay sun (or just overexerted from a Warby Parker shopping spree) you know we’ll hook it up!