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Smitten is on a mission to:

Craft the freshest ice cream experiences to spread JOY.


We believe in using technology for good -- to improve our food system and to improve the freshness of the food we eat (which, by the way, also makes food taste way better!)

We have focused on ice cream because... well, we love it! And, because we want to create more joyful moments - now more than ever.

That’s why we’ve spent over a decade perfecting our state-of-the-art Brrr® machine, a patented technology that makes insanely delicious, FRESH ice cream TO-ORDER... transforming a countertop into a magical micro-ice cream factory.


Put Dreams Into Action

Dreaming big isn’t just for kids. That’s why we challenge the status quo and ask “why?” and “why not?”

Believe in “The Spirit of Ice Cream”

Good things happen when ice cream is around: the mood is brighter, people are nicer to each other, the world becomes a kinder place. We bring this spirit to all that we do - to create a cascading effect of joy and humanity.

Be Fresh & Stay Real

Fresh food with quality ingredients is just better, hands down. And ice cream is no exception. Rather, we have the highest expectations for ice cream because we believe it should be the pinnacle of pure joy.